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Noted Idiot Jason Whitlock Thinks Liberals Are Trying To Shut Down The NFL Because Black People Are Successful

What a business model Jason Whitlock has going right now. I mean, there’s a million different takes that you could have on the Colin Kaepernick front. Well, I guess a million and one because I did not see “liberals want to shut down the NFL because black people are too successful” take. But there it is. Straight from the mouth of noted idiot Jason Whitlock.

Society is in a strange place when you can look up at the sky, shake your fist, and say “damn liberals” or “damn conservatives” and half of the other people agree with you no matter what the issue is.

“School lunches without chocolate milk?! Fuckin libtards!”

“Gotdamn potholes in my street! Those asshole GOPers are at it again!”

If you’re gonna be an old man who screams, let it be music that you’re yelling like my pal John Hitlingeir instead of straight-up nonsense like that dummy Jason.


I do respect how Jason wears hats like a 1920s mobster reporter.


“Say, what’s coming off with Kaepernick? Liberal media had the heebie jeebies last night, see? I thought they were gonna’ snap their fingers typing in such a tizzy! One minute you were taking a gander at depth charts around the league and bellyaching something awful, and before I knew it you were on the lam, your peepers were pie tins! You were hidin’ scared, weren’t ya son? A triggered snowflake, arent ya Tommy?”