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Video Of Wild Woman Who Wiggles Her Way To A High Speed Chase In A Stolen Cop Car


Sometimes your momentary decisions aren’t actually good. I’m sure ole Toscha thought it was a good idea to wiggle free from her cuffs, shimmy to the driver’s seat, and smash that accelerator straight down to the ground. Hindsight being 20/20, I bet she regrets it.

In life, you only get a few chances to make a split second decision. For example, do you remember the first time you were on a date at the movie theatre? You’re sitting there with a bucket of popcorn and a large, delicious cherry coke. The ice is the kind you like. You know. The ice that’s like little pebbles. Delicious.

You’re sharing the popcorn with your date and when you get about halfway done with the large box, you put it in the seat beside you. The movie is about to start. It gets dark. Real dark.

“It’s kinda cold in here, right” you say as you fold your arms across your chest.
“Ha ha yeah it is. I’m a little chilly, too” she responds as she folds her arms likewise.

Your fingers creep closer and closer to hers while reaching out like Simba after Mufasa on the cliffs. Your heart is fucking racing. Your fingers touch. More firmly now. More firmly. You go for it. You wrap one of your fingers inside hers and now you are holding hands. Your heart relaxes for just a beat. It’s time to start thinkin bout a little tonsil hockey, folks. Talkin kissin. Tongue too. This is your moment.

That’s how Toscha felt in the back seat of the cop car, I bet. I think we can all agree the blue balls that you had in the movie theatre were just a little bit better than the “I nearly escaped but now I will be spending decades in prison balls” that Toscha has in this photo. No regrets unless you do something regrettable.


I love holding hands.