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Justin Verlander Traded To The Astros And I Said Some Things I Regret


Last night was a rollercoaster and truth be known, I didn’t even get the payoff. I got the trade version of blue balls. I heard all the rumors about Justin Verlander headed to the Astros and I was excited.

But as the tension began to build, reporters all across the landscape were saying that the trade was dead. It was dead because Verlander didn’t want to go to Houston and he had a full no-trade clause. Admittedly, I was hurt and lashed out, so I went to bed.

Let me be the first to say that I was speaking in anger and have no preference in regards to nudes getting leaked for pitchers on my team. Keep em private; let em out. I don’t care. Just be good. I prefer my pitchers be good.

The Astros have several pitchers who meet the aforementioned good category. Verlander joins the Astros on a pretty decent hot streak. He’s allowed more than three earned runs just once since July 18th and gives the Astros some playoff experience at the top end of the rotation. I don’t co-host the best internet baseball show The Starting 9 but even I know that’s good.

As a lifelong since March Astros fan, I’m thrilled. This might be the year that we win the big one and Verlander could play a huge role in that.

You tell me, Fox. You tell me.