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Edgewater Dominick's Is Currently Auctioning Off All Of It's Old Grocery Items And I Just Made A Bid On This Sweet Ass Ride





Just laying in the grass with my 25 dollar bid, lulling everyone to sleep.




(Source) It might be the last chance to own a piece of Chicago grocery history.  An online auction is selling the last bits of the Edgewater Dominick’s location–set to become a Whole Foods next year–and there are some interesting items on the block.  Electric shopping carts are currently going for $20, and an entire floral display structure can be yours for a quarter. Keep in mind, though, the auction–being held through Grafe auctioneers–only lists the current bids. As time goes on, it’s very likely the prices will be much higher.




Well today just got interesting. Some days you wake up thinking you’re going to write 10-15 blogs, sit on the couch, watch some tv and go to sleep. Other days you wake up and realize today is the day you sit in a live online auction trying to buy a motorized shopping cart. RGIII seems prophetic now, my dream is this cart, this cart is my dream.



And no this does not break my no shopping cart rule, this is a motorized cart, this is luxury and style. It’s like buying a Cadillac for the grocery store. Stylin and Profilin.





There are actually a bunch of shopping carts, Ive placed bids on them all, so I could end up with a fleet, which I’m pretty sure would be the coolest thing anyone has ever done.






Double PS

Feitelberg keeps telling me on gchat that I’m a moron and that I have nowhere to keep my carts and this makes no sense. What a child. Here’s my plan.


Step 1 – Buy as many motorized shopping carts as I possibly can

Step 2 – Have everything in my life fall into place.




h/t mick