This Reporter Is The Coolest White Dude In The World And It's Not Close

Flawless. Absolutely flawless. The tweet I embedded said it perfectly. Every other white guy in the world fucks up that handshake. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. It’s happened countless times throughout our lives and it leads to overcompensation the next opportunity we get. Most of us white guys would go in for the fist bump or the bro hug and it would the most awkward 8 seconds of all time. Not that guy. Not that reporter. Not that day. Not this flood. A lot of people think Justin Timberlake or Bill Clinton or Eminem is the coolest white guy in the world. No no no no. It’s the local reporter down in Houston. I don’t wanna sound crazy but that handshake might be the start of solving race relations in this country. Things are fucked up right now. There’s Nazis in the streets in broad daylight but a smooth-as-butter handshake between a white guy and a black guy is as good as start as we could all hope for. Hope is a good thing.