Hippos Save A Wildebeest From Getting Devoured By Crocodile, Are Natures' Top Enforcers

First of all, quick shoutout to that wildebeest for putting up as much of a fight as he did. Kind of reminded me of McGregor out there. If that wildebeest worked on his stamina a little more, maybe he could have made it to the 12th round and pulled off that evasion himself. He fought and fought but after a few rounds you could tell he was gassed. Personally, if a crocodile is gnawing on my leg like that? I’m giving up in under 30 seconds. But this fella over here held off just long enough for the enforcers of the wild to come in and protect him. The fucking bash brothers of hippos to the rescue. Look at this goon squad.


And that right there is exactly why the wild is in serious need of enforcers. You want crocodiles sleuthing around out there thinking they can just pick off unsuspecting wildebeest whenever they damn well please? Shit no. But these animals need to find ways to police themselves. There aren’t any refs out there in the wild to sort it all out. So next time this crocodile even thinks about grabbing himself a little mid-morning snack, he’s going to have these hippos in the back of his mind reminding him that it’s not worth it.  Enforcing at its finest.