CNN Anchor Ditches His Live Shot To Rescue A Man Drowning In Harvey Flood Waters

Drew Griffin and his team were in the middle of a report on tropical storm Harvey when they spotted a man who accidentally drove into a flooded ravine and started sinking in the water. They sprung into action and pulled the man from his truck as it sank.

I know the narrative during these natural disasters is how exploitative the media is and how they prey on victims like vultures for their own ratings, and while it’s a cynical view, it’s not always completely wrong.   And on top of that, especially today, people look at the 3 letters attached to the clip they’re watching and instantly erupt into a fiery political debate.   CNN?  Fake news!  FOX?  That reporter wouldn’t have saved that man if he were a minority!  I mean if you open the reply thread for the clip, the top response is basically yeah, TRUMP would never dive in and save someone!  Even the most basic good deeds are twisted around and slanted and argued about.

So I guess I just wanted to take a second to shout out Drew Griffin for being a good ass dude.  I thought it was cool how he ran over and pulled a guy out of a sinking truck in hurricane flood waters and probably saved his life.  That’s all.  If he was Obama’s personal masseuse for two terms and has I’M WITH HER tattooed across his back, if he’s on Trump’s personal Wall Building Committee literally laying the bricks himself,  I don’t wanna know and I don’t care.   He ditched his live shot to be a good guy and that was awesome.

Also ironically he got the best ratings he could have possibly gotten by doing this as the clip goes viral through the internet like wildfire.

Hey wait a minute.