We Have A Trailer For The Upcoming Ball Family Reality Show And I Cannot WAIT For It To Start

Deadline- Facebook’s upcoming docuseries about the family of basketball phenom Lonzo Ball has gotten a title, premiere date and a first-look trailer. The weekly 10-episode docuseries Ball In The Family follows the famed (basket)Ball family: outspoken and unorthodox patriarch LaVar, first round Lakers’ draft choice Lonzo, his two younger basketball playing brothers and their mom, Tina, who is currently recovering from a stroke. The series reveals secrets of the Big Baller Brand franchise and the family who is taking the basketball world by storm. Ball in the Family hails from Bunim/Murray Productions (Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Real World, Born This Way). The docuseries premieres on the Facebook Watch platform on August 31.

I wasn’t sure exactly how this show was going to look, but I was blindly all-in on it just because I get a kick out of LaVar Ball. Dude is playing the role of a wrestling heel in real life to perfection. And all this trailer did was sell me more on a show that could be #ActuallyGood. There are so many things to love about this trailer that I couldn’t have known from just casually following the Balls through the media.

We have Grandpappy Ball hooting and hollering and letting us all know EXACTLY why LaVar is the way he is. He is the front-runner to be my favorite character, sliiiightly ahead of LaVar.


Lonzo’s girl scared that he is going to do what every NBA player on the planet does with their old girlfriend’s once the make the Association.


(Spoiler alert: He will. Also, sup).


And the LaVar Cam will be the most exciting thing to hit Facebook since bloggers starting getting their hearts ripped out live at Barstool HQ in the Electric Chair. Just put a camera in LaVar’s hands, a mic on his shirt, and watch that content volcano spit out hot lava for days.



Even the question of “Is LiAngelo a real person or just someone LaVar made up as a place holder between Lonzo and LaMelo?” is out there. On lazy summer nights, I’ll watch sports in one room and my wife will watch bad reality TV in the other. However “Ball In The Family” will potentially bring us together to share a TV and save countless relationships around the country. Can LaVar Ball will 3 of his kids* to the Lakers while also saving countless relationships around America? Tune in tomorrow night and find out! Wait it comes out tomorrow night?!? I don’t think I’m ready for this.

*1 imaginary kid

P.S. This logo is straight out of the TGIF lineup from the 90s and I love it.