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Is It Too Early For Them Arm Pits To Smell Like Pumpkin Spice Lattes? You Tell Me


August 18th was the official opening of pumpkin szn. Everyone knows that. The beers are going down smooth and I’ve already had several slices of pumpkin pie. But is it too early for your arm pits to smell like the gourd of the gods? I’m not so sure. Let’s dive it.

No. It’s not. Imagine cuddling up to your lady friend and watching a movie. I don’t know. Maybe you are watching the criminally underrated musical starring Anna Kendrick called The Last Five Years that was taken off Broadway and turned into a movie.

“I’m not familiar with that one, Chaps. What song is your favorite?”

Allow me to set the stage. Jamie just found out that he got a book deal and everything seems to be going his way so, of course, he bursts into song.

WOW! So you are watching that movie and your lady gets wetter than water from the sounds of a smooth voice. She leans in, nuzzles your neck, and smells the inner most part of your arm pits. Pumpkin Spice. The romantical expectations of Fall overtake her and the next thing you know, sex. That’s right! You! You’re having sex because you had the audacious audacity to wear Pumpkin Spice deodorant.

“Hey Chaps. Did you just use the same word to modify another version of that very word?”

I sure did! Isn’t English wild as fuck?

Good work, everyone.