Michael Phelps Challenged Connor McGregor To A Swim Race Via Twitter

Source - Conor McGregor pocketed around $100m by swapping the octogan for squared circle, and now Michael Phelps has floated the idea of the Irishman taking to water. 

The 23-time Olympic gold medalist asked his 2.2 million strong Twitter following is he should step out of retirement and challenge McGregor to a swimming race – presumably with the fighter getting a sizeable head-start. 

Phelps is no stranger to sporting novelty events, racing a ‘shark’ as part of a Discovery Channel publicity stunt earlier this year. 

Of course, the shark was created using CGI and beat Phelps by two seconds in the 100 metre race that left viewers disappointed that history’s most decorated Olympian hadn’t jumped in the water with a deadly predator. 

Wayyyy too soon to bring up televised swimming events, Michael. Everyone still has PTSD from this bullshit.

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Twenty-eight medals aside, you literally let the entire world down. We tuned in for a massacre and you gave us a CGI shark. Shame on you. Until you get your ass back in the water to race the real thing, you’re the boy who cried wolf. Your covers blown. People are woke to your bullshit.

You’re the most decorated Olympian of all time start acting it. Do a Wheaties commercial, get a sex change. Tweeting challenges and CGI-ing competition is no way to spend retirement. Even if the real Connor agreed you can’t afford him. He’s a hundred million dollar man now. No way he’s going to hop in the pool with a poor like you. Figure it out Mike, my patience is waning.