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Whoever Is Stealing Corey Crawford's Gear I Demand You To Stop Right This Second




(Source) First Corey Crawford’s specially designed Stadium Series mask never arrived. Now the Blackhawks goalie’s best set of leg pads have gone missing. Crawford was still stunned Monday morning at the disappearance of his pads, which he and the team believe were stolen from Soldier Field on Saturday night, when the Blackhawks beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 5-1. “This is crazy,” Crawford said. “I’ve never seen this before. I’ve never heard of this before. It’s crazy, man. The trainers are all stunned that it happened. Honestly, I told every guy and some of the guys didn’t believe it happened.”

Crawford wore black pads for the outdoor game Saturday, as the Blackhawks wore black jerseys. It’s his set of white pads that are missing. “Those are the ones I wear all the time — gone,” he said. “I was speechless.” He added: “I like the black gear. We’ll work with that for now.” Crawford indicated the team has surveillance footage from Soldier Field that might help them identify the thief.



What the fuck is going on right now? First the helmet now the pads. What kind of sicko steals a goalie’s pads. This better not have been a Blackhawks fan because then that is beyond fucked up. I don’t care if you’re the biggest fan in the world, you don’t steal from the team. That’s like rule number 1 of being a fan. I remember back in College a guy who was Bucky the Badger lived in the apartment above me and everyone shared laundry machines in the basement of the building, so there were at least a half dozen times where the Bucky the Badger costume was just sitting in the laundry room, completely unattended, ripe for the taking. I could have had it, I could have taken Bucky the Badger, hid it in my closet and no one ever would have known, but I didn’t, you know why? Because that’s the worst fan karma you could ever give yourself. That’s 100 year curse type of shit.



So if a Blackhawks fan did this, give it back right this second or else you’re fucking it up for the rest of us. And if a Penguins fan did it, well then we’ll just call it even for that time a Pittsburgh fan got poisoned at Kitty O’Sheas after a Steelers/Bears game. Fair is fair on that one.





If it turns out that this was Raanta it would be such an amazing sports scandal.