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The Earring Game Just Got Flipped On It's Head




MIAMI - Gerrine Garrett allegedly committed a crime, but that’s not why she’s receiving so much attention. Garrett, who was arrested over the weekend in Miami on a marijuana possession charge and tampering with evidence, stands out because of her interesting choice of jewelry. In her mugshot, Garrett is seen wearing earrings that seem to expound on a certain inappropriate motto regarding trusting others. Garrett, 48, and her earrings were booked on $10,000 bond.



Well ladies, if you thought your earring game was on point, if you thought you were at the cusp of the fashion world, that you accessorized with the best of them, think again, because if you don’t have a pair of “Trust No Bitch” earrings then you basically don’t have any earrings at all. Put a bag over your head, you just got your ass kicked by Gerrine Garrett.





That’s Flavor Flav right? I mean I know it isn’t but it totally is.