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Netflix Just Dropped A Trailer For The Seinfeld Special And It Looks Really Really Good

Source –  On Tuesday, Netflix released a new trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s upcoming stand-up comedy special called “Jerry Before Seinfeld.” The special will feature an intimate show by Seinfeld at the club that started his career, The Comic Strip.

 The one-hour Netflix special will focus on the period of Seinfeld’s life before the show and the comedian will perform the classic jokes that helped him break into the world of comedy.

The special will also include looks at never-before-seen materials from the entertainer’s life including videos from his childhood, legal pads with every joke he has written since 1975, and more. The trailer also shows Seinfeld telling stories about his youth in New York and reminiscing with other comedians about being the stars of the comedy scene back in the 70s.

“Would I have been funnier if I grew up in Peoria in a whorehouse raised by prostitutes? Absolutely. But this is what I had to work with,” Seinfeld jokes in the trailer, comparing his own childhood with that of legendary comedian Richard Pryor.

“Jerry Before Seinfeld” will premier exclusively on Netflix on September 19.

Truth be told I’m not really excited about the stand up. It’s funny and I can appreciate it, but the rhythm bugs me. I like my comedians a little more wet; impressions, characters, etc. I’m excited for the back story though – guy is arguably the most successful comedian of all time. It officially started on Carson but I want to know what lead up to that: what was he like before he made it big? Did he raise hell? Was he quiet? Conan and Martin Short talked about working out their sets at the kitchen table. Unintentionally doing stand up. I’d be curious to see if Seinfeld was the same way.

Judging from the trailer they were able to find some great stuff; Jerry dicking around pre-billions without a care in the world, no idea what he’s going to become. Speaking of billions, did I mention Netflix paid him $100 million? Not bad pay for a special that’s half stock footage. (There are other specials too but you get it.)

You know you’ve reached the pinnacle of success when you get approached for a documentary. At any rate, I’m looking forward to September 19th. It’s been too long since he’s had a special.