Dude On A Jet Ski Rescues A Grandma From Her Flooded Home In Houston

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.37.48 PM

Mashable- Volunteers have been out in forced helping to rescue the people of Houston and Southeast Texas since Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Many have been using boats to help rescue people who’ve been stranded by rising floodwaters, but as a picture shared to Reddit shows, even those with smaller watercraft are joining in the effort. In the amazing image, a grandmother sits in her completely flooded entryway, waiting to be whisked away to safety on the jet ski by a volunteer.

So obviously Houston has been in the news a lot lately because that punk ass bitch hurricane Harvey came to town and caused MASSIVE flooding. It’s an all-around horrible situation and a lot of the images coming out of Texas have been awful. There’s just so much goddamn water that my brain can’t even wrap around it. But then there’s pictures such as that hero on a jet ski jetting out of a flooded house with a grandma riding along. Or it’s people like our guy Tex down there saving lives and raising money. Or it’s the Cajun Navy patrolling the waters and saving lives. Or it’s everyone retweeting the locations of people stranded in their homes so people with boats can locate them and save them. As bad as the worst images are, the good ones are even better. Nature be fucking scary but it’s times like these where everyone bands together and tries to help one another. Just like that hero on his jet ski floating in the middle of a living room.