John Cena And Roman Reigns Put On A Fourth Wall Breaking Segment Of The Year Last Night

Author’s Note: Trying something new with the RAW Recap this week. It’ll be structured with the best and most important segments up top, as opposed to just following the linear structure of the show. Let me know if it’s better or worse on Twitter: @RobbieBarstool

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times…John Cena is untouchable on the microphone when he’s cutting a serious promo. He gets criticism for his goofy “JBL is poopy” moments but deserves all the respect in the world for these. Cena knew going out there, breaking down the fourth wall, and making this feud personal quickly would make their upcoming match at No Mercy instantly kick into high gear. Roman held his own I suppose, but definitely came off like a triggered bitch boy at times.

Do I wish this was being saved for a bigger show? Hmmm. That’s a tough question, because my instinct is to say “Yeah, of course.” At the same time, I’ve complained in the past about WWE using the names of shows as an excuse to market them as “big events”, so making No Mercy a STACKED card is kinda what I was asking for. It’s literally got what I said should be the main event and co-main event of WrestleMania next year!

Sasha Banks still can’t defend a title for the life of her, but hey, she put effort into a match she was booked to lose! This was probably the best match of the entire feud, and the finish looked absolutely brutal.

Obviously the more noteworthy thing to come out of all of this was Nia Jax’s turn on Alexa Bliss to close the show, making Alexa being the poster child of No Mercy make more sense.

I hope they handle Bliss well after this, and I hope they know that Nia Jax hitting an electric chair on her doesn’t make her a babyface. They thought the crowd would instantly love Seth Rollins when he got pedigreed last September, and it was one of the most failed face runs in many years. Granted, Alexa is ten times the talker Seth is, so she doesn’t need as much help as he did, but she needs the opportunity to turn the casual fans.


Let’s. Fucking. Go. It looks like we’re finally getting our Jeff Hardy singles run after months of waiting. That means facepaint, that means the rainbow haired warrior, that means kids everywhere wearing his arm sleeves…or it means…things are about to be BROKEN. Either way, I’m excited. 2009 Jeff Hardy is one of my favorite babyfaces ever, and he was over as fuck. I understand that was almost a decade ago, but Jeff hasn’t really lost a step.

Also on RAW was Brock Lesnar calling out Braun Strowman:

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro:

Dean Ambrose vs Sheamus:


…annnnnnnd Enzo continuing to die:

How about nobody knowing who this fucker was at Mayweather/McGregor by the way?

Crying face emojis, yo.

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