Bartender Snuck Into Ringside Seats For The Fight Pretending To Be Part Of Mayweather Entourage

NY Daily News- A British bartender’s shot paid off during the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight Saturday night.

Oliver Regis pretended to be a part of Floyd Mayweather’s security team in order to upgrade his seats to ringside from the nosebleeds.

Regis told The Sun he shadowed Mayweather’s team past security and they never scanned his ticket. He then sat down in the third row and took several photos with celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Jamie Foxx throughout the evening.

“I did feel a bit cheeky – but this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance. I could not believe it worked,” Regis said. “I sat down in the third row and Mike Tyson then sat down behind me. LeBron James was on my row and I could see Leonardo DiCaprio.”

The bartender said there were “quite a few” open seats ringside.

Nice to see someone pulling a Donnie for the biggest fight of all time. To be honest, Mayweather basically opens the door for this with his outrageously large entourage. Security can’t be faulted for admitting 48 members of TMT, when Floyd specifically stated there were only 47 of them. Tip of the cap to Oliver Regis, who was able to experience the fight from the 10th row. Of course, it’s not as impressive as Donnie sneaky into the Pacquiao fight because Regis paid $2500 for a nosebleed seat and just upgraded to a better seat, while Donnie raw-dogged the entire evening with no ticket, AND climbed into the ring post-fight. But still, hat tip to Oliver Regis for slithering his way into what I’m sure was the greatest night of his life.

I’m trying to think of the coolest thing I ever gained access to by faking my way in. One time, I was flying on JetBlue and one of the “even more legroom” seats was empty. I had a regular “knees at your nipples legroom” seat, so when I saw that nobody had paid the extra $45 for that upgrade, I scooted in and pretended like I was coming back from the bathroom. The trick to pulling off this level of duplicity is to BELIEVE that you deserve it. You can’t just pretend that you belong; you have to be willing to go crazier than the authority figure. If they say “sir, you need to move,” you say “no, YOU need to move.” If they say “can we see your ticket?” you say “I used it to wipe and then flushed it because your toilet paper was too brittle.” If they say “we won’t take off until you move,” you say “I OWN THIS PLANE!” No flight attendant is paid enough to go to war over a $45 upgrade you may or may not have paid. At least, that used to be the case; seems like things have changed this year.