Tyler Seguin Seems Like He's Ready For The Season To Start

In case you forgot, the BioSteel Camp was this week which is pretty much an annual fantasy summer hockey camp. McDavid, Seguin, Simmonds, BizNasty. All these guys get together for the week to do some training and play in a camp tournament. Team Seguin won the championship yesterday over Team Nurse and really the game should have been called after this goal.

Little sauce toss from Michael Liambas. Puts it on a tee for Seguin who decides to pop the bottle up in that bitch. And to think the Boston Bruins have absolutely nothing left to show for him anymore. It’s almost as if that trade was actually bad and not good. Meanwhile, Seguin will be out there in Dallas with Jamie Benn and Alex Radulov on his wings this year so yeah, safe to assume that line is going to fuck heavy on every highlight tape this year.

Looks like the final score of the championship game yesterday was 5-1 with Connor McDavid scoring the only goal for his team. In typical Connor fashion, it was a gem.

Blows by Tom Wilson (which is like blowing by a traffic cone). Puts the puck on a rope and takes Jason Demers for a little walk before throwing it in the back of the net. Here. We’ll slow this down for you a bit to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Woah baby.

Outside of BioSteel Camp, Sidney Crosby was working on his 1-handed shot some more.

Not sure if you know this or not, but he’s actually pretty good at that.

And then we also had Casey Mittelstadt earning himself a shoutout with this move from Da Beauty League championship game.


Get used to hearing that name. From playing in the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament to a top 10 pick in the 2017 draft. Kid is a beauty through and through.