Charlie Conway Is Just Rubbing It In Goldberg's Face Right Now


Page Six – It appears that Joshua Jackson has learned how to date.

Months after saying he is mystified by modern dating, the actor was spotted strolling through the Studio City Farmers Market with a beautiful model on his arm … because nothing screams 2017 like courting over fresh fruits and veggies. has identified the mystery woman as 28-year-old model and stylist Shafia West.

Charlie. You fuckin’ kidding me, bud? Goldberg is at the absolute lowest point of his life right now. He was arrested for stealing from an electronics store. Days after getting out of jail for that, he got booked again for meth. He’s strung out and in dire need of some help. The kind of help that only his former teammates could provide to him. You know, that whole “Ducks Fly Together” shit you guys used to talk about? And what are you out there doing right now?

Wheeling around some rocket at a farmers market.

I’d expect this shit out of Guy Germaine. Dude was born to wheel. I’d expect this shit out of the Bash Brothers or Mendoza or hell, even that cake eater Banks. But not from you, Charlie. Not Captain Duck. You’re the heart and soul of this team, Charlie. What do you think Hans would have to say about this? You think he’d be proud of you for pulling in a 10/10 smokestack? Or do you think he’d tell you to get your priorities in check and save your goalie? Bros before hoes. Ducks before cucks.

Real talk, good for Joshua Jackson. This pull has been about 20 years in the making.