Murderer Or Pie Eater? Sometimes A Picture Can Make It Tough To Tell


Oh neat. The headline talks about murder but there’s a guy eating pie. Hilarious. That’s not what this is about. I’m using it as a springboard into my memory.

This morning when I saw this picture, I got a little sad. Not because I like murder or anything. I’m against murder. Let’s be clear on that. I got sad because I miss one of my favorite internet crazes.

I miss people smokin bath salts and eating people’s faces. Again. Against murder. Some of those headlines were fantastic though. You had college bros eating faces. You had people jumping off of buildings. You had people going bananas all over the joint because they absolutely loved getting nuts on bath salts.

Bath salts were basically like the planking of the violent and dangerous drug use game. Here and everywhere for a minute but gone the next. You know what? I miss both of em and I’m man enough to admit it.





Again. Against murder but these were good headlines.





I don’t know why I was feeling nostalgic this morning. I guess it’s because I just care too damn much.