This Pilot Went On A WILD Ride After The Landing Gear On His Plane Wouldn't Work

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9 News- A NSW pilot who made an emergency landing at Sydney’s Bankstown Airport has been praised for keeping his cool after his plane’s landing gear failed to deploy. The Piper PA-31 Navajo light plane, owned by the Wagga Air Centre, was carrying only the pilot and mixed freight when it made the emergency belly landing last night. The plane took off from Young in the state’s South West Slopes just after 6pm on its regular freight run until it ran into trouble over western Sydney. The flight path of the light aircraft shows the plane circling the airport several times, with one source telling 9NEWS the pilot may have been trying to dislodge the landing gear. The pilot spent nearly an hour circling the city until he eventually landed at 7.38pm.


NOPE. This is why I hate airplanes. This is why I hate flying. This is why the concept of flight is so dumb and it’s crazy that we’ve gotten to the point where hopping into a multi-ton piece of metal and flying through the air is totally normal. This is why I wanna be like John Madden and just take a bus everywhere. Yeah it takes a lot longer but shit like this can happen any time anywhere to any plane. You take off and then all of a sudden, “Oh the landing gear isn’t working. I guess we’ll do air donuts around the airport until it hopefully gets fixed even though it won’t get fixed because we’re THOUSANDS of feet in the air.” This pilot had to eventually just land the plane on its belly. That was the solution. There wasn’t a back up plan. The back up plan was to just land the plane anyway without the landing gear. I understand that flying in planes is safer than driving a car but that doesn’t make me feel any better. Like at all. The landing gear has never not worked on a car I’m driving. Shoutout to this pilot for having giant brass balls.