College Basketball Seniors Will Play in a 3-on-3 Tournament at the Final Four for 100k


Well, well, well. Would you look a this. The NCAA is actually letting this happen at the Final Four. Personally, this idea is absolutely awesome. We’ve seen the growth of 3v3 hoops this year with the Big3 and the inclusion of it in the upcoming Olympics.

The rules will follow international rules which are:

– One basket in a 1/2 court game

– Teams will consist of four players

– 12 second shot clock

– 1 point for a bucket inside the arc, 2 for a 3-pointer

– Games to 21 or whoever is winning after 10 minutes

It only makes sense to bring it to college ball and give a couple guys a chance to at least make a little money while still in college. The rules here are pretty simple. Players that don’t make the Final Four are eligible, but you must have exhausted your college eligibility.

From there you’ll get a conference 3v3 team, but really I’d like to see this be every team gets to submit a 3v3 team. You can hold regional tournaments, starting with those teams that don’t make the NCAA Tournament, who would have to win more games than those who advance. The one thing I am curious to see with this is how do they handle ‘top conferences’ as it states in the release. Will mid major conferences get a shot? Will they have their own 3v3 team. My guess is you’ll see the main 6 conferences along with the AAC and A-10 to make 8 for sure. Does it stop there?

Right now the only real events we get to see during this time is the Slam Dunk contest, 3-point contest and Reese’s All-Star Games, so this at least adds something else during Final Four weekend. There are for sure some intriguing teams that could be out there. The Big East could throw Angel Delgado, Trevon Bluiett, Marcus Foster and Kelan Martin for example. The ACC could potentially have a Grayson Allen, Joel Berry, Bonzie Colson and Ben Lammers team.

Either way this is an awesome idea and I’ll be absolutely following to see how this pans out. Hopefully it’s just a jumping off point and eventually get it to individual teams and just a huge event. Again, any time these guys can make some money I’m all for it. So what would be the best conference team here? Who would you have as the 4 representing your favorite conference?