Poor Paul Pierce

Well what in the world is going on here? Thanks to stoolie Ben here, this wax statue in the new wax museum by Government Center became a part of our lives. Has anyone else seen this thing? I mean look, I’m certainly not about to go out there and make a better wax statue by any means, but then again I’m not in the wax statue building game. I feel like if you are going to make that your profession, and you are tasked with honoring one of the all time great Boston athletes, I need a better performance from you. Good job good effort but I’m going to have to go with a giant thumbs down on this one.

Why couldn’t they have found the person that was in charge of Red’s statue?


hell I would have even taken whoever did Russell’s too


I’m not totally sure how different of a process these were from wax, but it’s worth it because I guarantee it comes out better than what we got. I know bad wax statues are nothing new, take 5 seconds and google it, but that doesn’t mean Pierce didn’t get screwed here. I suppose if you look REALLY quickly the nose and goatee sort of make it look like Paul, but I don’t really think “sort of” was the goal.

The good news is, his retirement ceremony is in 173 days. If I have to start a GoFundMe to get Pierce the wax statue he deserves, well there’s nothing the stoolies can’t achieve now is there?