Update: Sketchy Submarine Dude Now Says Missing Journalist Kim Wall "Buried At Sea"


Last week I detailed the fascinating story of missing journalist Kim Wall. Kim was in Denmark working on a story about “inventreneur” Peter Madsen. Madsen built his own submarine which is crazy town and took Kim for a ride. She disappeared from that ride earlier this month and the sub sunk. Madsen, nicknamed “Rocket Madsen,” claimed initially that he dropped her off well before the sub went down.

Now he’s changing his tune, admitting she died during an accident and was then buried at sea.

Spade a spade: Pretty sure there was zero doubt when we saw this guy and learned he was called Rocket Madsen.

Danish submarine owner and inventor Peter Madsen lands with the help of the Danish defence in Dragor Harbor south of Copenhagen

You don’t get in the car with strangers. You don’t take the subway alone at night. You don’t go to the Middle East ever.

And you don’t get on homemade submarines with Rocket Madsen. You just can’t.

Obviously Kim was a journalist. She was courageous and she was tracking what she believed to be a fascinating story. But you’d quite literally have to duct tape me Henry Lookwood style to the inside of a fucking jail cell to get my girl on the Nautilus submarine with this creep. No fucking chance.

Awful story, but intriguing nonetheless. Here’s to hoping this guy pays the maximum penalty for whatever he did to this poor girl.