This Solar Eclipse Viewer Is My New King

I don’t want to exaggerate but this might be the most laid back guy in the history of the world. Monday afternoon with nothing to do but put on some cargo shorts, hang out in a field, and stare at the sun while smoking a stogie. You might say, “Hey that’s a pretty weird move to go stand in a field and stare at the sun” but you’d be wrong because this isn’t a field anymore, everywhere this man is instantly becomes a beach. He brings that level of relaxed wherever he goes, chill follows him like a shadow. He’s probably got a nice center console he takes out with his boys on the weekend, drives a mid-2000s truck, exclusively plays classic rock, and hasn’t raised his voice since that Rolling Stones concert when they had Hell’s Angels run security. He’s the world’s greatest, chillest dad and I one day hope to be him. If I can’t be him then I one day hope to do anything as suave as he puts a cigar to his lips.