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Nebraska Coach Mike Riley Cancels Practices And Gives The Entire Team Tickets To Kendrick Lamar

#OppositeOfAFootballGuy.  Seriously congrats to the Arkansas State Red Wolves, got a nice little cupcake game in Lincoln to open their 2017 schedule.   I remember back in the day when teams were doing 5-a-days in the August heat, where you weren’t a real team unless 35% of the guys spent the night in the infirmary with heat stroke.  Now you got these god damn millennials stuffing their helmets and shoulder pads into their lockers and head bopping and crowd surfing to Humble all night long.  Probably watching the eclipse today too.   Smdh.  Rap music and League Of Denial are ruining football.

By the way remember when Bo Pelini did some whole big scary phone prank just to announce it was Movie Night?  Such a Bo move.

Miss that guy at Nebraska so much.  Taylor Martinez probably not so much.