Dude On A Moped Drives Straight Into A Sinkhole Cause He's Looking At His Phone

Laugh out loud funny but also scary cause this could happen to any of us. Cause anyone who says they don’t look at their phone while driving a motorized vehicle is a goddamn liar. We all do it. We all claim to not do it but we do it so much. We see the commercials of people being sad cause a loved one died while texting and driving and think, “It’s true. That can happen. It’s dangerous. Not gonna be me” and then proceed to send a million texts, refresh Twitter a billion times and take badass selfies all while driving 45 MPH on packed roads. That’s dangerous on its own but now throw sinkholes into the mix? Scary and borderline unavoidable. Those things can pop up anywhere. That guy was enjoying a friendly stroll on his moped, got a text from a lady friend and boom he’s dead (he’s not dead, he’s fine). I’m not telling you to stop cause you won’t and I won’t. All I’m saying is keep your head on a swivel.