Bran Is A Bigger Monster Than Joffrey And Ramsey Combined

Spoilers: Duh, bitcc.

I’ve been rolling this around for a few weeks. I didn’t wanna come off as being hasty or haphazard with my allegations but last night’s episode cemented my belief. I think that Bran is a worse person than Joffrey and Ramsey. Sure, Joffrey did some pretty fucked up shit and Reek doesn’t get clowned for his lack of penis for no reason. Ramsey cut that thing straight off which is obviously bad. Joffrey and Ramsey’s infamy is for good reason. There’s no doubt about that.

Bran is sneaky evil, though. This three-eyed raven face ass just sits up in his tree and watches all the evil in the world and does nothing to intervene. Bran just looks at Sansa straight in the face and casually mentions that he watched her get raped and that she looked beautiful.

He sees everything but doesn’t try to stop anything. He doesn’t stop the dragon from dying. He doesn’t stop Little Finger’s plot against the Stark girls. He just sits in that damn tree and watches the world burn, become more frozen, and zombie-like. Bran could have easily sent a raven to Jon and told him, “Hey, man. You can’t actually die, you handsome King-In-Waiting. You’re the true king because your father married your mother in a secret ceremony. Don’t bend the knee in the ship because it’ll be mad weird when this comes out. Yours truly, Bran, the creepy 1954 John Lennon lookin weenie. PS. Khalessi is your cousin or sister is something. You can still smash but it’ll be incest. Yikes. Your choice, obvs. Not judgin.”

Bran doesn’t do that because he’s the biggest piece of shit in Game of Thrones. Don’t take my word for it. Take the word of the priest in Boondock Saints. Bran is the definition of an indifferent man.