The Internet Is Mad That We Fell In Love With A Fat Little League Kid


Bleacher Report‘It’s Real Fun, and Like, Weird': The Good and Bad from the Most Viral LLWS Ever Kids are becoming more famous, having more fun and feeling more hate than ever. Welcome to Little League baseball in the social media age, where going viral can change your life. Several players from other Little League teams around the country have gone viral too, a bunch of kids getting famous overnight, many for reasons wholly unrelated to the actual sport of baseball. The total number of retweets and favorites and posts and comments about them is impossible to count, falling somewhere well into the millions. There’s the pressure of playing not only in front of a crowd, and not only on national TV, but also with hack bloggers waiting to make jokes about you on the internet.

NY POST – Saturdays may be for the boys for the bro-loving, misogyny-laced website, but Tuesdays in August are for body-shaming jabs at 12-year-old boys, apparently.

And here we go. Once again the beautiful minds at Barstool Sports coming under attack for calling a fat little league kid fat.  Obviously we’re talking about Boog Powell. That fat little league player who stole the hearts and minds of the entire country.  I actually thought what I wrote about him was super nice and complimentary. Well apparently the twitter eggs at Bleacher Report didn’t like it. And apparently some dude at the NY Post who clearly hates us didn’t like it either. Once again Barstool is the bain of society’s existence. Everybody hates us except the actual kids who were playing in the LLWS and love us, but who cares what they think right? Some old crotchety twitter egg thinks we’re bad men.

Anyway I love how the Bleacher Report article made it seem like making fun of Little League is a new thing. Like that this just started happening this year or something. Umm where the fuck has this loser been? Little League baseball has been viral for at least a decade now. It’s not just the Danny Almonte and Moni Davis’s of the world who became internet famous. Its fat kids, crying kids, weird coaches, bad umps etc. Hell the word “hardo” came from me describing a Little Legue handshake line like 7 years ago. This is the EXACT reason ESPN keeps increasing their coverage.  Why they keep focusing on the players so much.  Why they make them say nicknames and give quotes.  Because it puts asses in the seats and has for years.  So spare me the song and dance how this is a new trend. Now if you want to debate the morality of ESPN exploiting 12 year olds for profit that’s a fair argument.  But as long as ESPN airs the LLWS or the Spelling Bee or any other nationally televised event with young kids in it we will comment on it. Bottomline is If you make a grandiose spectacle of something and put microphones in kids faces and put their weight on screen it’s fair game for the internet to discuss.  That’s just how it works.  You can’t dangle red meat in front of a lion and then yell at the lion for eating it.