Letterman Went On Stern To Talk About The Time He Accidentally Smoked PCP

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Source- David Letterman is opening up about a certain moment from his younger years that he will never forget. The veteran comic shared a story with Howard Stern on the Howard Stern Showon Wednesday about a time when he accidentally smoked an animal tranquilizer back in the day at a small party in California.

“We didn’t even have any regard for what someone might lace that thing with or spray all over it,” added Stern.

Fans can soon look forward to hearing more tales from the comedic giant, who has been making headlines with the news that he will be returning to the small screen. The new series will premiere sometime in 2018. This article originally appeared on

Wet my fucking whistle, DL. He doesn’t need to promote for his series but God dammit I’m glad he is. If there was one person on the planet I’d smoke PCP with it would be David Letterman. I’d hit the pipe so hard my clothes would rip themselves off. Funniest part is he was smoking with George Miller. Casual name drop. Must have been wild to hang out with the two of them in their twenties. Especially when they were getting wet.

It’s always fascinating to hear celebrities talk about who they came up with. Like the time Fallon told the story of him and Kobe getting sent on a beer run because no one knew who they were. Or when Letterman explained why Leno’s a brat. You hang around the people you work with. Doesn’t matter if you’re a banker or an actor or a comedian. Regis is another example. I ran into him last week (nbd) and mustered up the courage to make some small talk. It wasn’t until I walked away I realized everything I wanted to ask him. What was Sinatra like? Don Rickles? Carson?

It’s crazy to think that there are groups of people hanging out right now who are going to be wildly successful and they don’t even know it. And in twenty years we’ll be hearing the same kinds of stories from them. It sucks we have to wait another whole year for Dave’s show to drop but it’ll be worth the wait. I just want him to keep giving interviews in the mean time.