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Marshawn Lynch Says There Is No "Elephant In The Room" About His National Anthem Protest Because A Mouse Ran In And Elephants Are Scared Of Mouses

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Only Marshawn could take on a hot button issue like sitting for the National Anthem and make everyone die laughing about it.  Colin Kaepernick’s ass can’t even get a call back from the Browns looking for a 4th stringer, meanwhile Beast Mode is over here getting blown up with “Marshawn is a national treasure” tweets with HAHAs and LOLs.   10,000 word thinkpieces on Kap, 10.000 crying face emojis for Marshawn.   I mean I was giggling just writing that headline.  Didn’t they say elephants are scared of mouses or something?  Incredible.  Y’all can debate Kap and Michael Bennett on the issue and just use Marshawn for the comic relief.  Also I don’t want to insult Marshawn if he was actually trying to make a powerful complex statement on race relations in America, but I’ll say that it at least crossed my mind that my man just flat out didn’t want to stand up for the sole reason that he was tired and wanted to chill a little longer.

Fucking Marshawn man.