It Was A Very Eye-Opening DUI For This Lady

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Fox 5 - A tow truck driver may have prevented tragedy when he saw an erratic driver and called law enforcement.

The tow truck driver told Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies he saw the car swerve and almost hit other vehicles, but when he saw a child in the back seat, he began to imagine the worst.

An arrest report for 31-year-old Brandy Lerma says a tow truck driver saw her driving a gold Chevrolet Malibu Saturday afternoon in Boynton Beach.

The responding deputy pulled Lerma over and verified the concerned citizen’s fear. The deputy’s report says there was an unrestrained 3-year-old in the back seat.

The deputy noted Lerma’s speech was slurred and a smell of alcohol coming from her car.

Lerma took two breathalyzer tests, both of which showed a blood alcohol content more than twice Florida’s legal limit of .08. The report says her blood alcohol content read .200 and .187. Deputies say Lerma admitted she had been drinking and was also taking prescriptions including Percocet and Xanax.


I’ve always been a big time mugshot guy. My favorite mugshots are when people are crying. They make me smile every time. It’s like in movies when the record scratches and the narrator comes on and is like “you might be wondering how he got here” and then we get the story from the beginning. It’s usually someone on a ton of Percs like YP who then drank too much Whiskey and decided it’d be a good idea to drive a tractor trailer the wrong way down a highway into a guard rail. Classic mistake. Sure the crimes are usually bad, but what can ya do, funny is funny. And this chick is funny. Her eyes are damn near popping out of her face like Pepe Le Pew. I really hope she was playing it cool and then completely overcompensated. She took that mugshot and left like “naileddddd it”, sort of like Leo in Wolf of Wallstreet driving the car on quaaludes. Anyway, she’s for sure a shoe-in for the 2017 mugshot hall of fame, no doubt about it.