New Justin Bieber... Not Good!

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce Justin Bieber’s new song is no bueno. Everyone has been trained, like a dog Pavlov enjoyed torturing, to hear “Bieber new” and immediately tweet flame emojis but I am breaking free of the chains with this one. It’s just not good.

The message is dumb as shit because no one wants to still be friends. That’s something you say to be nice after you told someone that you would prefer to continue living their life without their presence. Being around you does not bring them joy anymore and they’d like for it to end, that’s not exactly the recipe for a thriving friendship. And he just says these dumb lyrics over and over and over again for the entire second half of the song, like he’s Howard Hughes and is quite thirsty for a nice glass of 2%.

I guess the beat is okay but the lyrics are just muy mal. I take no joy in saying this but it must be said. The new Bieber song is not a banger, it’s not fire, it doesn’t slap. It is officially not good.