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A Bunch Of HBO Twitter Accounts Got Hacked Last Night

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Hey I have a message for the folks over at the Home Box Office

What in the hell is going on over there? Seriously. Are all of their passwords for everything Pasword12345? They have to be. They can’t stop getting hacked. Every day more news comes out about how HBO let hackers get access to something of theirs. It’s actually impressive at this point. They’ve really embraced the hackers with open arms. “Oh here’s some episodes of Game of Thrones. Here’s some episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Here’s access to every Twitter account for every HBO show under the sun. Enjoy!” HBO is a mess right now. I will say, I like when hackers hack stuff and are like, “Hey we hacked you SO easily man. So easily. Let us help you with your security.” That’s grade A trolling.  Hackers aren’t even the worst of their problems. Now they’ve got channels form under their own umbrella releasing episodes of Game of Thrones early. It’s incredibly hard to dodge spoilers when HBO Spain is handing out GOT episodes early. What a disaster.