Is Obama's Most-Liked Tweet In Twitter History As Impressive As My Tweet About Sunscreen?

Source…The tweet has been liked more than 3 million times, making it the most liked tweet of all time, eclipsing a tweet from Ariana Grande following the attack at her concert in Manchester in May, a Twitter spokesperson told CNN.

Obama’s reaction to the Charlottesville attack is also the fifth-most retweeted behind a tweet from a teen who wanted free chicken nuggets from Wendy’s, Ellen Degeneres’ tweet from 2014 Oscars, a tweet from singer Louis Tomlinson to his One Direction bandmate Harry Styles and Ariana Grande’s previously mentioned tweet.

Congratulations to Barry on joining the viral tweet gang with other iconic figures like the free chicken nuggets guy, Ellen, and obviously me.

I can already hear some of you squealing about how 3.5 million is greater than 4.63 hundred thousand. I’m not Professor Gerald Lambeau so there’s no way of knowing for sure but okay I’ll give it to you. Doesn’t matter. Do me a favor and understand relativity. Pound for pound Barry’s tweet about hate and race and stuff isn’t even in my league. He’s got 14,000x the followers but only 7.5x the likes on this tweet. LOL. Is 7.5 greater than 14,000? Didn’t think so. It’s just science.

On top of that Barry used a picture. Unfair. Imagine being the professional businesswoman competing for a job against the younger, sluttier chick who’s blowing the employer? Not a fair fight. Not even close.

Anybody can get numbers with picture tweets. Hey Barry try using your words bro. Your words.

PS — Serious note, Obama’s stock just skyrockets daily now without him doing a thing eh? Must be nice. All goes back to that relativity stuff we talked about earlier.