Footage Of A Lebron, KD and Melo Pick Up Game Just Put Me In A Mental Pretzel

God this is fun to watch. No flopping, no theatrics, just pure, uncut basketball. Bron-Bron dunking on KD, KD breaking Melo’s ankles, Melo rocking that post LaLa hoodie. I love it. That said, it’s also kind of upsetting. First and foremost becasue it’s happening twelve blocks from where I’m sitting and I’m not there. Second, aren’t they supposed to be rivals? They hated each other like a month ago, now they’re hanging out? Was it all fake? It kind of takes away from the legitimacy of their rivalry no? You’d never see Paul Pierce invite Lebron over to play pick up. Or Reggie Miller paling around with John Starks. The whole thing is bush-league. These dudes should be in the gym practicing with their teammates, not each other. So yeah, I hope this guy keeps putting out Instagrams because I’m going to watch them but the whole thing still pisses me off. The NBA should discourage this kind of behavior. Keep the rivalries fresh for the season.