I Feel Kinda Bad About Tricking Adam Schefter On National TV

Some of my lifelong buddies here at Barstool might not know an ugly secret about my past. Before I started working here, I used to commit hijinks on twitter. You see, I had just retired from the Marine Corps so I had nothing but time. I was a college student just stewing away in classes that usually bored the ever loving shit out of me. So, I would tweet. A lot. I would tweet all damn day. After all, would I really ever get a job writing? Would communication be an important skill for me to have? I still don’t know the answer to that question but that’s neither here nor there.

Occasionally I would change my picture and display name to one of the major sports reporters’ and hilarity would ensue. It would keep me entertained during class and that’s all that I really wanted from the whole process.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 11.02.28 AM

Typically when I would do this, I would only leave the changes up for like 5 minutes. Well, one time I had to go pick my daughter up because she was sick so Jay Glazer’s name and picture stayed on my account for like 45 minutes. When I finally checked my phone about an hour later, my texts, tweets and phone calls had blown the hell up. My tweet tricked Schefter and he was obviously pissed.

Now I need to apologize. I’m sorry, Adam. Please unblock me so that I dont have to swtich to one of my podcast accounts when there is breaking news. I’m sick of that shit. It’s super annoying. Not blaming you for blocking. It’s fine. Good decision. Good decision. But dont forget after all this is said and done, I’m just a man..typing on a blog…looking at another man who is looking at his phone screen asking you to unblock and love me.


“Hey Chaps. Didn’t expect this blog to end up with a Notting Hill quote remix at the end, pal. A real twist there.”

Maybe that communication degree did come in handy. Incredible.

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