Many People Are Saying It's Too Early For Pumpkin Spice: Good. More For Me


Folks, this afternoon I found some really old pumpkin spice coffee creamer powder in the back of my pantry and decided to give myself a little treat. Let me tell you, I enjoyed it. The taste of Fall flooded over me like you wouldn’t believe. It tasted like late Fall. Damn near Christmas. Wow! How special is that? Incredible.

Now, the haters will be all over me calling me such pejoratives as basic, white girl, and even things that deal with my private sexual preference. Truth be known, the pumpkin is actually a superfood and therefore good. Dab.

I’ve been off the pumpkin spice bandwagon for a few years but I’m all in this year. Give me them cookies, chocolates, oatmeals, meats, and even crusted shrimp. Can you imagine? A little shrimp cocktail with a pumpkin spice dipping sauce? Or perhaps a hearty pumpkin-spiced chili? Warm me up, ya big bowl of deliciousness.

So instead of turning down a delicious pumpkin beer this year, tell Utah to give you two frosty cold ones. Talkin beers, folks.