Announcement: I Am In The Market For A Bitcoin

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Big announcement:::: I am currently in the market for a Bitcoin. At long last, I want to jump into the Bitcoin game. As Kurt Angle once said, it’s true, it’s damn true.

I’ve been blogging about BTC since my earliest days on the internet. Back then, it was much more confusing than it is now. It was Internet Dollars come to life. Stories of people mining for coins, which is still confusing, but those guys were the pioneers of the modern day, much like the settlers from the Gold Rush of 1849.

I have a storied history with the idea of Bitcoin. When I lived in England playing online poker for a living, I was originally introduced to them. My roommate bought a ton, which he later sold and bought a house with. Not too shabby.

In November of 2013, my second month on the job, I wrote about how the Winklevi had $32 million in Bitcoin. I proclaimed I wanted to go all in on them, and then proceeded to do nothing about it.

Here’s a blog from October of 2014 when Bitcoin was at 386. I encouraged people to buy my own crypto currency, Nate Bux, instead, because “at least we admit those are fake”.

As it turns out, Bitcoin is very real and the price is skyrocketing with no end in sight.

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And to think I wanted to get in at $386 and just didn’t.

But cheer up, Nate. Here’s one headline from Marketwatch:

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So I’m ready to get in. I’m in the market for a Bitcoin. If you’re in the market to shed some Bitcoin, hmu at my wallet at 18KYUCoQ6WsGqAuKJSTK8izagQ1BXMc7Yx


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Let’s be Bitcoin friends, all of us, together. Take my hand, let’s go to the Internet promised land.