What Is Barstool's Age Demo?

So the Illinois Little League team stole the show this weekend. And by stole the show I mean they were huge Stoolies just shouting us out left and right in the intros. Kinda sucks they lost in the regional final but that’s neither here nor there at this point. Instead it raised the question of what exactly is our age demo? This is always something people always ask me and I used to say 18-35 year old men. I think I’m way off now. I think we’ve gotten simultaneously younger and older. I think we’re 10-50 nowadays. Basically if you have a dick you are in our demo. (Sorry ladies. I know there are lots of you are out there, but we’re still a boys club) Anyway it may be the most remarkable thing about us. We are like a sports team now. A place where fathers and son can come together at the dinner table and find common ground. “So did you check out Barstool today” is the new “so how bout the Red Sox” I don’t want to overstate this or pat myself on the back too hard but I am literally bringing families together everywhere. Some may argue I’m basically saving the human race. Sure that may be a bit strong but at the same time it may not be strong enough.