Ian Poulter Did Ian Poulter Things By Throwing A Tantrum And Yelling At A Rules Official

It’s the Sunday of a major championship so of course we have a rules controversy! Ian Poulter hit his tee shot WAY right on the par-4 8th hole, couldn’t find it and couldn’t find it and couldn’t find it and then yelled at a rules official when things weren’t going his way. Now to be totally honest I’m still not sure if they got it right or wrong. No idea. I guess they found his original ball but it was outside the 5-minute window but it was in the hazard so he was able to take a drop instead of being forced to go back and re-tee. I think that’s what happened. Either way though, it doesn’t matter if Poulter was right or wrong. It’s how he handled it. The dude is an asshole and he handled it like an asshole. He can’t help himself. Him repeatedly saying, “Are you kidding me?” to the rules official was pure Poulter. I was hoping the official was gonna throw a punch. I was really hoping Jordan Spieth was gonna find Poulter’s ball, pick it up and throw it 600 yards further into the woods. Alas. #USA

But the main takeaway from this whole thing should be that Ian Poulter runs exactly how we thought Ian Poulter would run