People Wanted Some Free Concert Tickets So They Shook Their Breasts About In A Tasteful Manner

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The club La Covacha was forced to shutter its doors on Wednesday following the scandal surrounding a dance contest in which several women removed their clothes to win tickets for an upcoming concert by the Cuban reggaeton duo Yomil y el Dany.

Sweetwater issued a temporary suspension of the club’s operating license after a video of the contest went viral on social media on Monday and was reported by various news organizations, including el Nuevo Herald.

In the video, three women are seen dancing and removing their clothes while the crowd and the club’s DJ yelled “Take it all off!” The video was taken down from Facebook on Tuesday.

What a terrible display of injustice! When a fire reggaeton jam comes on, you shake what your mother and/or father gave you. People always say “shake what your momma gave you.” I think that’s rude to fathers. Sometimes fathers are blessed with donks too. Big thicc thighs and shit. What if your father was a ccatcher and your mother was a tiny ballet danccer? Odds are that you are shaking what your father gave you in that sccenario.

Anway, if I had tits, I’d shake them for concert tickets. I’m not sure I would show my vagina but my tits would be out lickety-split. (again showing my commitment to not say pussy in the blog)

I dont get what the big deal is about this whole situation. You go to La Covacha you had better be prepared to see La Coochie when Daddy Yankee comes on. If not, your virgin sensibilities just might be in for a wild ride.

On a different note, this story reminds me of how much I love some music that I dont understand. You ever heard the song by Aventura called Obsession? If not, tuck your dick into your waistband and press play. It’s bound to move so bind it down.