Rory Just Casually Hitting A Ball Up The Cart Path (And He Still Made Par)

Hi my name is Trent and I’m a Rory McIlroy stan. You might’ve already known that but I just wanted that to be clear for everyone. He’s my favorite current athlete in the world and it’s not even close. So much so that when Riggs asked me on a recent Fore Play episode who I would want to win in a Ryder Cup singles match I hesitated and then begrudgingly picked Spieth. I’m not proud of that moment but I don’t decide what’s inside my heart. My love for Rory was written in the star long ago and all I can do is follow where my heart and soul direct me. And this cart path shot just adds to his greatness. The best part is the announcers doubting he can do exactly what he did. Bounced it up the cart path, through the gallery and over a bunker and just off the green. And he made par after all that. Boner time for yours truly. What a beast.