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Wake Up With A Bunch Of NFL Films Songs

The preseason is officially officially upon us, which means its time to really ramp up your football research. Whether its for gambling, fantasy, or any other reason, we all need a little extra juice to get things going when the preseason is starting. And the NFL Films music is the perfect medicine. I still listen to it every year as the season approaches and you start to feel the chill of fall in the air.

Sure my next 16 Sundays may be bloody because of the poor research I did in August. But I still get excited for Madden, fantasy football, and NFL season without fail every single year. If I actually went to the gym, this would be the perfect gym music. Instead I use it just to get hyped about my virtual players playing against other virtual players. Different strokes for different strokes I guess. But the music is perfect for basically any reason to get hyped, especially for football season. Sam Spence and the Sabols are a huge fucking reason for this. RIP in peace to all three of those legends.

Now lets be great today and lay the foundation for a great fantasy season or gambling season!!!