Happy Dom Smith Day!!!


NY Post- Dominic Smith’s time has arrived. The second cornerstone of the Mets’ youth movement will be promoted from Triple-A Las Vegas on Friday, according to general manager Sandy Alderson, when Smith will make his major league debut against the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Smith’s promotion to play first base will come just more than a week after top prospect Amed Rosario assumed the starting shortstop duties for the Mets.

Smith, 22, had a .330/.386/.519 slash line with 16 homers and 76 RBIs this season for Las Vegas. He is well-regarded for his glove work at first base and will give the Mets an upgrade over Lucas Duda at the position defensively. Duda was traded to the Rays two weeks ago for a minor league reliever.

Another day, another big Mets prospect called up from the minors. This is almost like 2015 all over again except for the wins! Shout out to Sandy Alderson for pulling the Dom Smith card out as Mets fans were ready to burn down Citi Field with the Wilpons inside of it after the Mets pretty much sold Jay Bruce to the Indians instead of getting prospects from the Yankees. You don’t get the nickname The Baseball Maverick unless you are quick to the draw. I don’t know who the Mets will ship out next for a few dollars and some Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons. But they better realize that the only person that will save them if/when that happens is the guy performing miracles down in Single-A.

As for Dom Smith, I am not going to pretend if I know he is going to be good or not. I can talk myself into any football or basketball prospect based on a 3-minute YouTube highlight reel. But baseball has soooo many players that bust after all the hype, I really don’t get too high or low on them until it’s apparent they stink or are studs. It sounds like Smith has a good glove and makes contact, but hasn’t consistently proven that he can hit for power. Usually I hate first basemen that don’t bring the thunder, but after watching what Lucas Duda brought the last few seasons, I could live with a bit of a change. Plus Jon Olerud was my favorite Met of those late 90s teams and he was all about defense and #contact (sorry for any Royals PTSD). I’m not saying Dom Smith will be anything near Jonny O. But there is something to be said for a steady guy that brings the leather and doesn’t strike out all the damn time when he’s struggling. And while I don’t the name Dominic Smith isn’t exactly a great baseball name, I also didn’t love that Jon Olerud took the field every game with a fucking helmet on his dome. But I learned to him and it before long. Dom also has had a bit of a weight problem throughout his career but I am DEFINITELY not qualified to critique that part of his life.

So lets do this Dominic The Donkey. Okay, we need to work on a nickname too. Big Dick Dom? Too crude. Mr. Smith? Too plain. The Dominator? Nah, that guy was an asshole on Entourage. Regardless, us fans will figure out a great nickname by Players Weekend 2018. You focus on baseball. We need you ready for next season since Mets windows of contention usually last for 4 years MAX and I am not ready to slam shut on all of our faces.

You know what? Fuck it. Lets get the hype train going. Here is a Baseball America video of Dom hitting.

I am going to say that the ball sounds different coming off his bat, since that is always the “Wow” quote from scouts. I don’t necessarily believe it, but you can’t say I am wrong. Lets do this Dominic!

P.S. Shout out Jeff Wilpon for selling off a Major League bat to Cleveland so he could buy a bunch of nerds. I just hope he doesn’t get that E-Sports itch and ends up selling Dom and Noah for some Madden players. What a fucking joke.