Is Lemonade A Juice? Some Say Yes While Others Contend That It's Not


What a question. It’s not often that my mind is jumping in circles. I pride myself on being a quick, decisive thinker. I had to ponder this one for a minute.

After those long 60 seconds were over, I came to the conclusion that lemonade is not a juice.

“But Chaps. Lemons are a fruit and they produce juice. I think you’re not remembering that aspect of the lemon, namely its juiciness.”

While I appreciate the respectful reminder about the juiciness of the lemon, I will, in turn, remind you that the presence of juice does not make a drink a juice. For example, if you were making a single glass of lemonade you would use around two ounces of lemon juice and 6 ounces of water. You’d have perhaps a teaspoon of sugar, give or take some depending on your palate’s desire for sweetness. That’s a glass of lemonade, folks.

Now… Let me walk you through the ingredients of a margarita. You’d have two ounces of lime juice, two ounces of tequila, and one ounce of a triple sec like a Grand Marnier. That’s a margarita, folks. Is a margarita juice because it contains the juice of a lime? Not a chance.

A lemonade is, therefore, a juice cocktail and not a juice. If you want lemons to be a juice, treat them like a fucking orange. Until then, take those yes votes. Shine em up all nice and turn those sumbitches sideways and shove em straight up your candy ass.