The NCAA Tournament Is Adopting a New Celebration And Letting Players Advance Their Team Name After Wins

Syracuse, N.Y. — The 2018 NCAA tournament will have a new feature. The NCAA has adopted The Basketball Tournament’s post-game bracket celebration.

After games in The Basketball Tournament, the winning team goes over to a giant replica of the tournament’s bracket. In a fashion that’s part ceremony and part celebration, a member of the team moves a card with the team’s name ahead to the next round of the tournament.

It has fast become a favorite moment for both players and fans alike during The Basketball Tournament.

The NCAA took notice and starting next year the NCAA tournament will do the same thing.

I can’t believe it. This is truly the end of days as the NCAA is making a decision to actually let the kids have some fun and not punish them. Granted, they can’t do this celebration with extra cream cheese on a bagel, but they get to celebrate winning in the NCAA Tournament.

Starting with the 2018 NCAA Tournament they will be mocking the TBT with the bracket advancement. If you watched the TBT (long live Team Viva La Stool), you saw teams after each win go to the gigantic bracket, take their team name and move it on to the next round. Something like this:

David Worlock, the NCAA Director of Media Coordination dropped the change on Twitter last night then e-mailed Mike Waters of to say the following:

“Yes, we’re doing it,” Worlock said in the email. “I noticed in the The Basketball Tournament and liked the idea. Then a few weeks ago there was some chatter on Twitter from some members of the media, saying they wished we would do it during our tournament. So I obviously wasn’t the only person who thought it was a cool idea.”

The plan is to let the team decide who will move the bracket forward. Now, they are obviously blocking some of it as the bracket will be placed near the press conference room and not in plain sight. I’d love if it was just out in the open and teams were petty. Aaron Harrison walking up and moving Kentucky just moments after hitting the shot against Wisconsin or Luke Maye standing there waving as he puts UNC into the Final Four after his shot. It’d be perfect, simply because I’m all for talking shit to your opponent and not into the fake sportsmanship the NCAA preaches.

Either way, this is a step in the right direction for the NCAA, who makes the wrong decision 95% of the times. It’s a chance to let kids celebrate and see something pretty cool. You gotta think they’ll show some of this during One Shining Moment now.