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Here's Trump Talking About North Korea In 1999

Got to give it to Donnie here — looks pretty good. Well played. Don’t think he fully understood the nuclear fallout part but whatever. Minor detail. How pumped is he to play the “told ya so” card? Once he sees this clip he’s going to tweet up a fucking storm about it. If I were a White House intern I’d be SPRINTING into the (Bedminster) Oval to be the first person to show this to Trump. Throwing secret service out of the way. Throwing aides out of the way. Throwing senior staff out of the way. You get this in front of his eyes first and you’re staring an insta-super-promotion right in the face. Go from licking envelopes in the closet to setting policy on North Korea overnight.

PS — Some GREAT lines in here…

“because this doesn’t happen of course in New York”

“we have this country North Korea out there which is sort of whacko”

…been Ratings Machine DJT for decades.