When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Singer From Saudi Arabia Gets Arrested After Dabbing During A Concert

Source – A young Saudi singer was arrested in Taif, Saudi Arabia on Tuesday after he dabbed during a musical contest he was participating in over the weekend, Okaz newspaper reported.

In a now viral video, TV host, actor, and aspiring artist, Abdallah Al Shaharani, is seen pulling off the dance move, which is officially prohibited by the country’s anti-drug authority as many consider it a reference to weed and other narcotics.  

Here’s the thing. We’ve got a whole lot of bitches in this country right now complaining about “how much America sucks” and how they can’t believe Trump said this and they can’t believe Trump said that. You know what, mother fuckers? America doesn’t suck. It doesn’t even close to suck. Because even though you may be pissing your pants over a little nuclear war scare, we still live in a country where you can freely dab whenever you damn well please. Hell, I’m dabbing right now whilst writing this blog. And are the cops knocking down my door to arrest me for breaking any laws? As of right now, no they are not. If dabbing were illegal in the United States, then Big Cat would be #1 on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

Meanwhile, you take a quick flight over to Saudi Arabia and poor Abdallah Al Shaharani can’t even hit one singular dab without getting slapped with 3-5 in the clink. Dabbed one time and all of a sudden he’s on the same drug lord level as El Chapo. Actually pretty racist of the Saudis to equate dabbing to drugs. What? You think that just because black people dab that it’s automatically a weed thing? Seems highly problematic of you especially considering you probably deal with a healthy share of racism yourself.

All I’m saying is God Bless America. God Bless Freedom and God Bless Dabbing. We live in a crazy world filled with crazy people. It’s just nice to know that after a long day’s work, we can go home and dab our asses off without having to fear spending the rest of our lives behind bars. Do we do everything right in America? Maybe not. There’s probably some things that we can still work on. But the freedom to dab is something we should never take for granted and I’m thankful of our founding fathers for giving that to us.