"Granny Gang's" Reign of Terror Ends with 11-Year Jail Sentences

SourceA “granny gang” of ageing Chinese women who terrorised people into paying debts by cursing, spitting and even stripping off and grabbing their victim’s genitals, have been imprisoned for up to 11 years, reports say.

The elderly “enforcers” – who were aged up to 70 – were enlisted from outdoor ballroom dancing groups which met in public squares in Shangqiu. …

They would tear off the clothes of female victims and strip off their own clothes before confronting the men, apparently to suggest that they had been sexually assaulted. …

The victim, who was named as Zhang, said one of the women grabbed his genitals, causing an injury which cost him 1,000 yuan (£110) in medical bills.

Other reports said the women carried out beatings and pushed around their victims.

One of the gang members told the Beijing News: “I had nothing to do, so I thought I would try this as it is fun.

“Also, a key point is that we were given free meals,” she added.

It’s a sad day when decent, law-abiding Millennials can’t walk the streets in peace without being accosted by these roving gangs of Baby Boomers. It’s like their whole generation was never taught to respect their juniors. They just spend all day talking to each other on their landlines and watching VHS porn on their low-def TVs and think the whole world revolves around them and their reverse mortgages and early bird specials.

And what did the government of Shangqiu think was going to happen when they started allowing public ballroom dancing like this? You get these old punks together in big groups like that and you’re just inviting trouble. A generation of bored, disaffected layabouts rubbing all up against each other to their generation’s horrible music will end badly every time. Did we learn nothing from Footloose? These women have no morals and are all one free bowl of soup away from tearing other women’s clothes off and grabbing unsuspecting men by the nuts. And if the people of China would stop enabling these little snowflakes with government programs and make them get jobs like the people they’re vicitimizing, the streets would be a lot safer.

Still, good job by the police to round these senile delinquents up and put them behind bars where they belong. Let’s just hope they’re not even worse criminals when they get out of jail in 11 years.