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Patriots Become The First Team To Buy A Team 767 Jet And I Guess It's Pretty Sweet

Little upset that they bought regular ol’ 767s instead of a fucking Death Star but I guess we’re taking baby steps? Nonetheless, power move city by Kraft here. Your favorite team doesn’t have an owner who bought the team two jets? Couldn’t be a Patriots fan then. Hope your squad enjoys flying on chartered 747s, the Patriots will be arriving in style on the far roomier 767 (that’s a true statement. I just did some research on airliners.net and it’s unanimously agreed that the 767 is a much more comfortable traveling experience, particularly for flights between London and South Africa).

Just another cheating scheme from the Patriots, I guess. All the other teams charter jets like a bunch of poors meanwhile the Patriots have their very own, far more relaxing jet(s) to ensure the squad arrives ready.

Ready and flying the most intimidating pirate flag you’ve ever seen, that is….

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 4.05.08 PM

Just hope that paint isn’t too tough to scratch off and replace. Brady’s got at least two more in him.